Welcoming Our Newest Members!

We’re excited to announce two new sites have joined the network! Both are being hosted on our new multisite WordPress server.

Dan Carsten’s AirportNews.com
AirportNews.com covers timely economic development news and events centered around aviation and the Bradley Airport community. Dan also publishes a quarterly print version that’s available for download in PDF format from the site. It’s a great topic with tremendous value to Connecticut’s economy.

Elizabeth Larkin’s ConnecticutDayTrips.com
Elizabeth loves Connecticut and the many hidden gems that our state has to offer. ConnecticutDayTrip.com’s big photos and great descriptions make for timeless content that can greatly enhance your pre-weekend posts. She’s already posted a number of stories on some great destinations you likely haven’t heard about.

We promise that our next meeting will be planned soon. We’re still trying to lock down a good search engine optimization expert and should have some news in a few days. It’s very difficult to separate the “snake oil” salespeople from the real experts and we want to make sure we have someone who can provide usuable value. We’ll also see about recording the presentation and have it made available to members who may not be able to make the session.