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The Independent Media Network is building a sustainable business model for local news and information sites. Our more than 70 network partners generate millions of pageviews a month providing critical community news, information, and engagement opportunities for the readers they serve.

What’s more, our buying power with other media providers like Patch and major newspapers means we can often negotiate ad buys with those publications for less than you’re paying now.

You can even offset advertising costs by creating your own social media content and joining our network of publishers. We share net advertising revenue 50/50 with our member publishers – and they may even share your content free of charge.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who are you?
The Independent Media Network LLC is a partnership between two experienced new media producers: and LocalOnlineNews.TV.

How many page views per month?
The Independent Media Network publishers currently deliver 3.5 to 4 million page views monthly – and they are continuing to grow their audiences. Because this content is locally focused, visitors to our publishers’ sites are living and working right here in Connecticut.

How much?
Our ad rates are the most competitive in the industry. Please contact us so we can put together an advertising plan that meets your objectives at an affordable price.

Can I pick and choose network sites?
Absolutely. You can buy across the network or tailor a specific campaign that reaches certain niche audiences.

What kind of advertisements can be placed?
Independent Media Network publishers produce quality written, video, and audio content. We accept banner advertisements (including flash-based ads), as well as video and audio spots. We also offer placements on our publishers’ email newsletters.

What about statistics?
We run a state-of-the-art ad distribution system that delivers real-time traffic data via the web. We can also configure a daily email summary of ad impressions and clicks.

Other questions?
Please contact us and we’ll promptly answer your questions!  You may also call us at 860-577-0566.

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