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Download our media kit The Independent Media Network is building a sustainable business model for local news and information sites. Our more than 70 network partners generate millions of pageviews a month providing critical community news, information, and engagement opportunities for the readers they serve. What’s more, our buying power with other media providers like Patch and major newspapers means we can often negotiate ad buys with those publications for less than you’re paying now. You can even offset advertising costs by creating your own social media content and joining our...

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The Independent Media Network is pleased to announce the launch of – a free self service website that will publish press releases from non-profit organizations as well as information on community events sponsored by commercial entities. The new site is powered by our WordPress-based network hosting system and is search engine optimized to help draw more attention to the work and events sponsored by Connecticut non-profits. There are three ways to submit content to the site: A self service form located at: By applying for an account that...

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Veteran consumer news journalist George Gombossy, publisher of and former Hartford Courant investigative journalist, is launching a site for animals and their owners. is positioning itself to become the premier pet site that will offer exclusive features and information on how to care for your pet from well-known industry experts. Check out today!

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SeeClickFix Honored by Mashable

New Haven based SeeClickFix was honored recently by tech blog Mashable in its Global Innovation Series startup contest. The company was invited to present at a Global Innovation Series event in Berlin, Germany on July 16. Read more at the SeeClickFix blog.

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The Mercurial Wins Small Business Grant

The Mercurial, a Danbury web magazine and art gallery, won a small business grant from Ideacafe says site owner Amanda Bloom “instantly grabbed the hearts of our regulars and stood out amongst thousands of other small business owners. Visit The Mercurial by clicking here!

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