For Journalists

The news industry is changing and many jobs have disappeared. If you are an out of work news professional looking for a way back in, we can help.

The Independent Media Network launched early in 2011 as a partnership between and LocalOnlineNews.TV with an eye toward building a grassroots network of news websites, blogs, and businesses – all with a goal of reaching sustainability in this new world of online journalism.

We are now convinced that the online journalism model can be sustainable – particularly when a publication isn’t burdened by the expensive overhead of a print operation and all the other problems and shortsighted thinking that tend to go with that. A lot of folks haven’t launched their own website yet because they don’t know how to set one up, or they think it costs too much or that they can’t make enough money, etc. Or maybe you have tried and failed to get traction.We are here to tell you that there is a business model that can work. Create your own job.

We are offering:

  • advice on how to develop the right business model specific to your publication
  • free site hosting on a new WordPress install (along with problem solving backup when something goes wrong)
  • use of our ad server (crucial to developing trust for sponsors)
  • basic advertising tools including a rate card and ad contract
  • a step by step plan to make the best use of social networks and email to build your audience, and…
  • a community of journalists, bloggers, writers, photographers, and others who care about what you do. You don’t need to re-invent the wheel.

If you’re just thinking of blogging casually, we’re still happy to host your site and provide some ad revenue via ads purchased across the network as a whole. But we are opening our doors to news professionals.

Be your own boss. Make your old boss spit out his/her coffee in the morning (or their scotch in the evening).

But we’re more than just revenue and hosting. We’re a community.   We get together on a regular basis to share best practices and content. Fill out the form below and we’ll get you started ASAP.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who are you?
The Independent Media Network LLC is a partnership between two experienced new media producers: and LocalOnlineNews.TV.

Why Should I Join?
The Independent Media Network is made up of people who are building the next generation of news. We’re working together to experiment with new content and sustainability models, sharing revenue and ideas. Members often share ‘fair use’ links with each other that encourage cross-linking to build overall network traffic. You can subscribe to our daily email of all network traffic to find useful content to share on your site. We can also help you overcome some of the technical hurdles so you can focus on what you do best: generating quality content.

How Much Money Will I Make?
Unlike most networks, we split net revenue 50/50 with our member publishers. You’re compensated based on the number of impressions you generate – not clicks. We are also a clearing house for companies and organizations looking for content creators, meaning we can help line you up with freelance opportunities.

Can I live off the revenue?
Not yet, but we’re getting there.

Do I have a say over who advertises on my site?
Absolutely. We will notify you of advertisers shortly before their campaign begins and you have the right to not run the ad on your site.

Who owns my content?
You do. Unlike other hyperlocal sources you control and own everything you produce. We welcome members who publish on their own servers and also provide free hosting for those who need it. If you ever decide to leave our server we can export your content and help you set it up elsewhere.

Other questions?
Please contact us and we’ll promptly answer your questions! You may also call us at 860-577-0566.

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